Past Programs   /   We, the People: A Documentary Film Festival

Trade&Row; presents We, the People: A Documentary Film Festival showcasing portraits of American culture, from Thursday, October 16, 2008 to Saturday, October 18, 2008.

In the year of a presidential election, it is important to think about the magnitude of what Americans are asking one person to represent to the world. Who are we? How do we come together? What do we, the people, stand for?

Over the course of three evenings, We, the People will showcase films that go beyond generalities to inform Americans about the economic and social issues that may uplift or immobilize certain areas, and show how they can extrapolate to other parts of the country.

Three distinct venues have been selected in hopes of bringing people together to promote multiple perspectives: Center for the Arts, Eagle Rock, Echo Park Film Center and Self Help Graphics. In addition, Trade&Row; will facilitate dialogue and ask audience members to comment on the film or films of each evening that had the most impact.

A $5 donation is suggested for each venue, with proceeds going to support Trade&Row; programs and events. Proceeds from the final evening will go to support Self Help Graphics.




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