Past Programs / Saturday Fantasy Film Festival (2009)

Imagination offers not only a release and an escape from the world, but also a new ability to think and create within it. – Veronica Scott

In the midst of a recession, many people are looking to the Obama administration to walk the talk of the audacity of hope. With the message from analysts that things will get worse before they get better after many have already lost jobs and homes, some are exploring outside of the research and talking heads the extreme possibilities of what could and should happen.

In the worst of times, both hope and fear drive our imagination. For this year’s film festival, Trade&Row; would like films that explore hope and fear in the form of live action shorts, animation, suspense and, of course, fantasy. From apocalyptic to euphoric, films may examine neophobia, decidophobia, epistemophobia, dreams, faith and desire to draw a fine line between where we are and where we could be economically, culturally and socially.